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Anti-Wrinkle Injections (Botulinum Toxin)

What is Botulinum Toxin and how is it administered

  • Botulinum toxin is a drug which is injected into muscles in your face to relax and smooth out lines and wrinkles. It is not permanent and usually last typically 3-4 months.

  • Alternative treatments maybe advised as this treatment is not always suitable for everyone. At your consultation a thorough medical history will be taken and the prescriber will assess if this is suitable for you. 

Aim of treatment

  • The aim of this treatment is to significantly reduce the movement of the muscles causing expression lines, thus improving the appearance of such lines.

  • It's really important to have the right motivations and expectations of this treatment. As results can vary from person to person and some brands work better for some than others. 

After the treatment and common side effects

Common side effects associated with the injections which usually resolve spontaneously or within hours or days, but may persist for longer.

  1. Pain or stinging sensation when the injection is performed

  2. Localised swelling, redness, tenderness

  3. Bleeding at the site of injection

  4. Bruising 

  5. Numbness or itching of the areas injected 

  6. Headache

  • It is important to be aware that most individuals do not have perfect facial symmetry. When botulinum toxin is injected this can sometimes exaggerate and cause asymmetry to your expression. Often this can be corrected at your review. 

  • We advise that you avoid very hots baths, saunas, hot tubs/jacuzzi, massage treatments or athletic activities for 2-3 days after treatment.

  • Your skin may have increased sensitivity to the sun and we recommend that you use a factor 30+ sunscreen and avoid direct sun exposure on the treated area and sunbeds for at least 4 days after your treatment.

  • If you experience (rarely) itching in the treated area, avoid scratching the skin. You can take an antihistamine e.g. Piriton to alleviate the irritation.

  • We advise not using any skincare that contains AHA, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid or Rertinoic Acid (e.g. Retin A) for 3-5 days following treatment.

  • We recommend that you always maintain a good skincare routine with frequent hydration or moisturisation on a daily basis.

If you have any urgent concerns related to your treatment and need further advice please contact Nurse Nicole.

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