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Meet Nicole

We are all on this inevitavle ageing journey together


Nicole Wigley
Registered Nurse

  • Nicole has been a qualified nurse for over twenty years within the NHS, working within a number of specialities. 

  • Proud working mother to four boys. Having reflected on her own natural ageing process, she relishes the opportunity to bring affordable Self Help Care to all.

  • Nicole prides herself on being compassionate and caring, being able to effortlessly put people at ease during treatments.​

  • Qualified in Laser Hair Removal, Anti-Wrinkle treatments, and dermal filler injections and many more treatments.


Clinic-based treatments

  • Nicole welcomes everyone for a free consultation to discuss your needs, in a warm and relaxed friendly environment. 

  • As an accredited SaveFace clinic your health and appearence is her priority .


  • During your consultation 1 or more treatments may be suggested as a holistic approuch to meeting your aesthetic needs. ​


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